Monday, March 18, 2013

Shelburne Falls: I feel a nostalgic quilt coming on!

Denyse Schmidt has done it again.  Her latest collection for Freespirit Fabrics is Shelburne Falls.  Another very clever line with the prettiest florals mixed perfectly with brilliant geometrics.  Denyse has a great way of making you feel at home with her designs.  She manages a winning mix of nostalgic familiarity and refreshing modernity... it’s all rather clever and she should definitely get a medal of some sort.  Perhaps I should commission a ‘Backstitch Thinks You’re Brilliant’ medal... she would definitely get one!  Lizzy House would get one too... Hmm, I’ll ponder on that one.

Anyhow, Shelburne Falls is in the shop right now and we have four of these delicious prints, each in two colourways, on the shelf.  Yardage is already being snapped up for summer dressmaking (all of these prints will make perfect dresses and blouses) and for those quilters you can get the fat quarter bundle here.

Go forth and make pretty things!

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