Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It’s the NEW Colette Laurel!

Oh the excitement, the build-up, the ‘cut the air with a knife’ tension that these Colette releases generate is unreal, but finally the day is here!  We can all exhale and take a good, long, open-mouthed, wonderous look at the new Colette pattern.  It’s Laurel!  Hello Laurel!

The Laurel dress is a marvel.  At first it may look like plain and simple shift dress, but it is so much more... of course.  This chic and simple dress is easy to sew, astoundingly versatile and comfortable to wear at any time of the year.
To cut down on fabric requirements the edges are finished with bias tape.  This also gives great opportunity for playing with accent colours and prints.  The fit is ‘semi-loose’ with bust and back darts for fit with the front left clear of darts making it easier to work with difficult prints such as stripes or large scale florals.

The different versions give options for underlining, so that you can use sheer or lace fabrics, menswear-style patch pockets, and gathered cuffs.  There is also a pullover blouse options which has no fiddly closures to handle.  There are a further nine detail variations in the free downloadable ebooklet... Oh how we love a pattern with endless combinations!

A massive Colette Patterns delivery is in transit as we speak, winging it's way over the ocean... we expect it any day.  If you would like to know when the new Laurel, and the restock of all Colette styles, come in please send us an email. It's arrived!  Whoop whoop! Laurel and all Colette styles stocked up and in the shop now.

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