Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Quilt for Boy Two

A few months ago my boy number two learnt how to climb out of his cot.  This heralded 'The Big Upgrade'.  Boy number one would move from the bottom bunk to the vacant top bunk and boy number two would move from the cot to the bottom bunk.  Sorted.  All except that a cot quilt is like a postage stamp on a single duvet.  Boy two needed a new quilt to match the new bed.

I made boy number one a quilt when he upgraded from his cotbed to the bottom bunk. If you are interested, you can read about it here.  I wanted a quilt that would be different, but still 'go' with this one.  And, since I have had a bit of a thing recently with half square triangles (I've not even blogged my linen quilt yet, but Florence spoke about it here), I thought I would go with a chevron quilt. 

Mil's quilt was blue, so that had to feature, and some of the same fabrics too.  The greys were inspired by my recent grey buying spree, and well, grey + blue = yellow, does it not?  For fabric inspiration see the Gotham Bundle for greys, the Bitter Sweet Bundle, or the Caipiroska Bundle for blues, and the Butterfinger Bundle covers the yellow. 

The backing echos the front a bit with the yellow and blue which are Corn and Turquoise Klona.  My husband likened it to the Swedish flag, which in turn reminds me of my very good friend Sarah, unimaginatively nicknamed 'Swedish' by our gang, who has returned to her native country, and who I miss greatly (boo hoo, come back Sarah!).

Quilted in my current favourite method of circles... circles have been a revelation to me. They look lovely and neat, yet do not have that horrible habit of showing up your non-matching points and seams.  Straight quilting always seems to glare angrily at my haphazard piecing!

Oh, and bound in Simpatico Golden Straws because stripes on binding are ace.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's Your Favourite Tipple?

The bundles section on the website had started to get a little sorry looking. But sorry looking it is no longer!

I have added 13 new tonal cocktail bundles. Go and take a look and tell me which is your favourite.

If you head over to this post on Katy's blog right now you could even win your favourite bundle!