Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did somebody say SALE?!

Hello Folks!  We're having a little de-clutter... clearing out some old in anticipation of the new.

Firstly we have this most delicious Oliver+S interlock knit fabric.  Available in six heavenly colours this luxurious, wide width fabric is a really lovely stable knit to work with.

Trust me, I made some cute Madeline Bloomers from the green and it was a doddle (the pattern of which is free by the way, here).  This fabric is down 30% from £18.00 to £12.60 per metre.

You could try it for yourself with the Renfrew TopMiz Mozelle or one of Megan's Maternity patterns.  Or if you want to make something for your little one then what about the Tee for Two or Sleepover Pajamas?

We're also putting into sale a whole lot of our Oliver+S patterns as we are eagerly awaiting our shipment of the new seasons offerings from Liesl.  Some patterns are over 20% off!


  1. Can you use a knit to back a quilt, or would that be mad?!

  2. Hi Catherine, That would be mad! Although, I did contemplate this fabric for a cot blanket, one side one colour, one side another, bound. But I think you would be insane to actually quilt with it. Alice