Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hoarding and Scrap Packs

I've got a crime to admit to.  I've rather been hoarding end of line scraps.  See this big pile here?  This contributes to nearly two years worth of bolt ends.  Yes, I know, something has to be done about it.  All these beautiful fabrics, just sitting there... Criminal.

So, I'm going to let them go in the form of the Backstitch 'Lucky Dip Scrap Pack'.  For the measly sum of £6 you get 100g of delightful fabric scraps from this stack.  100g is somewhere between 0.75m and 1m of fabric.  All pieces are of a useful size - no piece will be smaller than 4 inches wide or 4 inches tall.  You will get between 5 & 15 different prints (depending on their size).  As an example I have taken a photo of the contents of one of the packs.

There's a lot you could do with this bundle of goodness!

And... they all come prettily wrapped, so perfect as a gift too.


  1. Argh! Just missed this for my fabric news...! Am going to have to go and update now. Brilliant idea.. I shall be reaching for my credit card. :-)

  2. Oooooh...I'm making a scrappy quilt right now and could use a top up...

  3. That's soooo tempting! It's not like buying one piece of fabric as there's lots of prints to keep me going so I hopefully wouldn't feel too naughty for buying one or several! hehe! ;)