Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anna Maria Horner :: LouLouThi :: I think I'm in love again...

Honestly, I am really taken with these fabrics.  Anna Maria Horner is a genius of colour.  I didn't really 'get' them until they turned up on my doorstep today.  I have spent some time photographing them and cutting some fat quarters off, and BANG!! It didn't take long and I am head over heels.  Really this woman knows how to tickle the right spot.

So, with no further ado, here is Lou Lou Thi from Anna Maria Horner.

In Anna Maria's own words: The Loulouthi collection is a treasure box of all that I love about flowers and fabric coming together in form and inspiration. The world loulouthi simply translates from Greek as "flower". But in an ongoing story, my cultural heritage has enlivened these fabrics with visions of needleworks in progress, the gentle tending of village gardens, and the luxury of living alongside everyday works of art. The language of flowers and and floral handiwork has spoken to me since before I could thread my own needles, and this collection is my reply to all that beauty.

We are stocking 8 prints.  You can buy yardage, or a bundle of all eight.


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  1. Wow they are stunning - would look beautiful paired with a set of softer colours in a quilt