Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's the 'C' word again.

I know.  I'm sorry to do this to you but it is happening.  Summer will be over soon (shhh) and Christmas is coming.  Now, are you a 'planner-aheader' or are you a 'oh-bugger-is-it-the-middle-of-December-alreadyer'? I'm a bit of both.

So, Christmas.  Are you making plans?  If not, WHY NOT? For goodess sake - it's September already!!  For those of you who are organised then we have some lovely festive fabrics.  We have the new line from Aneela Hoey, Cherry Christmas.  Rosey robins and wintery washing lines with some fab blenders which are good for all year. Aneela Hoey does a top notch blender.

And then we have the three best prints from Basic Grey Blitzens.  These are more 'winter woodland' than in-your-face Christmas.  There are deer and squirrels, rabbits and toadstalls.

Both of these are available off the bolt and in bundles: Blitzens here and Cherry Christmas here.


  1. I am trying hard to be prepared, honest! I've added "plan Christmas" to my to do list so that's a start isn't it? Expect an order from me soon, well before December the 24th anyway :)

  2. I'm a Planner!!! I've been thinking of Christmas since late June, buying fabrics and planning, and started my Christmas gifts in July. I've been adding stuff to my Amazon Wish List (because you can use it for ANYTHING on ANY SITE), so that I'm ready when my husband asks what I want. He said no one should have to think about Christmas before November. Harumph. :)

  3. Shhh... Don't mention the c-word just yet. I'm a planner but currently without much time to quilt. That's a really bad combo if there ever was one! I want to make Penny Candy from TraceJay and have just the perfect fabric for it. Now all I need is more time. Can anyone please extend the day to be more than 24 hours. It's simply not enough.....

  4. I think I might have to be more organised - those fabrics are gorgeous!

  5. I always intend to be organised. Then it usually goes out the window with everything else I have to do. I'm being more organised this year though. I've already made a blanket for my aunty and a wallhanging for the house, though the wallhanging was meant to be done for last Christmas!