Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sketch from Timeless Treasures

Sketch Bundle
It's here!  It's finally landed in the UK.  The much ooh-ed and ah-ed over Sketch.  This is a lovely quilting fabric from Timeless Treasures with a printed cross-weave for when you want it to look textured by feel like quilting cotton.


We have thirteen colours from Charcoal to Lipstick and Tangerine to Chambray.  There is also a bundle of all thirteen for those that need it in all it's rainbow goodness.

Right now, and until the 13th of August you can win one of our Sketch bundles over on Laura's blog.


  1. Wish I could afford a few yards of each colour cos I just cant choose!

  2. Who wouldn't need all thirteen? Really great for almost-solid with a bit of texture!