Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anyone for a Lemon Kiss?

We've got seven new mixed bundles in the shop.  It was fantastic putting these together.  I love the surprises that you get when doing this.  Like the loveliness of the greys from A Walk in the Woods mixed with some pastels from Hello Pilgrim.

You can find all our bundles here.  Do you have a favourite?

Frozen Margarita Bundle

Coronation Bundle


Nelson's Blood Bundle

Pacific Rim Bundle

Paris is Burning Bundle

Lemon Kiss Bundle


  1. Ooh! How I love that lemon kiss bundle! Just bliss together! Paris is burning is pretty awesome too!

  2. Oh it's a fight between the Frozen Margarita and the Lemon Kiss!!!

  3. Lovely! Faves right off are Paris is Burning and Lemon Kiss.