Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lotta Jansdotter :: Echo (Echo, Echo)

It's here, it's here! We've been waiting for this line with much anticipation since July, and I have to say it was worth the wait.  Lotta Jansdotter's first fabric line with Windham Fabrics is called Echo and is a triumph.

Vanilla Coke Bundle
Lotta Jansdotter hails from Sweden and her designs have that wonderful Scandinavian simplicity.  Her website talks of her designs as being 'like little plants working their way through cracks in the sidewalk. Things of simple beauty that bring relief to the urban landscape.'

We are carrying three of the prints, Moira, Choma and Florine, in three colourways.  We have also put together a bundle of these nine fabrics which we are calling the Vanilla Coke.

The fabrics lend themselves to all sorts of things: table linens, quilts, clothes, bags...

What will you make?


  1. OOOooooooh Alice these are lovely!
    For now they will just make me sad that it's not payday!

  2. Good grief, that bundle is making me SWOON and drool all over my keyboard. I like the individual prints, but together, they're just...GUH. Wow.

  3. I feel some expenditure coming on..... These are lovely and I can think of a million things to sew with them!

  4. oh wow i already knew I was in love with this line but seeing that bundle just sent me over the edge, curse my rubbish wallet why does it not have more money in it!

  5. They are gorgeous! I have dreams of making a duvet cover with one of these prints, but have yet to decide which I like best, let alone which shade to choose..