Friday, May 27, 2011

New Spring 2011 season from 'Patterns by Figgy's'

I'm happy to announce that we now have the new collection of patterns in the shop from Patterns by Figgy's.  There are three new styles in this collection, all for children aged 18 months to 6/7 years.  Each pattern has two styles, and picking up on the success of the Tee for Two pattern, two of the new styles have both boy and girl options.  How brilliant is that? 

There is the Jane Dress and Blouse.  Perfect for the girly girl, this pattern has puff-sleeved long or short options with pockets for the dress and a hip sash for the blouse.

Then there is the Franco & Fiona Dress and Blouse, an asymmetrical asymmetrical vest and pinafore.  Both items are fully lined with fresh lines and crisp inverted pleats which show off contrasting fabric really smartly.

Finally, there is the Vien & Rue Jackets.  These smart, fair-weather, double-breasted, fully lined jackets for girls or boys, have options for buttons sleeve tabs, back belt, and a round or pointed collar.

So, which of these are you tempted by?

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