Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Hurricane - new and improved.

Not too long ago we added the 'Hurricane' to our selection of bundles.  This was nineteen fat quarters of each of the Klona Cottons that we had in stock.  Since then, we have expanded our range of Klona colours to twenty-nine and so a change of tactic was necessary with the Hurricane. 

Those of you who are not familiar with the Klona (not to be confused with Kona) Cotton.  This is a medium weight, wider width cotton which has a lovely quality of colour and weave.  We sell the Klona Cotton at £5.50 a metre.

Anyhow, we decided to split the Hurricane into 'Strong' and 'Soft' palettes.  The 'Strong' consists of fifteen fat quarters, and the 'Soft' of fourteen.  The bundles do not overlap in any way, so to order both gives you twenty-nine fat quarters - one of each colour in our plains range.

And, whilst we are on the subject of our Klonas, we have added a swatch card to the shop.  So now you can colour match before you buy.


  1. Such beautifully complimentary colours

  2. Lovely! Please can you explain what the difference between Klona and Kona cotton is? Thanks!

  3. Hello,
    The Klona and Kona are manufactured by two different companies. The main difference is that the Klona is a slightly heavier weight and wider width cotton. It is still great for quilting.